there are no stupid questions,
here are the most frequent ones:

1. - How soon will I receive my ads?

After purchasing your ads and completing the questionnaire, you'll receive your ads in:
• 3 business days (1-4 ads)
• 5 business days (5 or more ads)


2. - What happens after I order my ads?

After placing your order, we'll give you a brief questionnaire to complete for us to understand you, your audience, and your advertising objectives. Then we'll get started!


3. - how do I decide which ads to use?

we're happy to help you decide - after all, we're the experts! if you're not sure which of our products is best for you, drop us a line with a general summary of your audience, product, and goals (brand awareness? sales?) and we'll reach out with our advice on the best advertising package for you - our advice is free!


4. - what images or videos will you use?

our priority will always be your own assets that you send us- your images, logos, etc. But if you prefer, we'll create our own, or buy cool stock images, to create a tasty ad for you!


5. - how about refunds?

our lightning-quick service to order means we can't offer a refund policy :( but if you're not satisfied, we'll work with you to make your ad delicious!

6. - what happens if facebook (etc.) rejects my ads?

we will always create ads in compliance with Facebook's content guidelines and terms of service- however, we cannot guarantee that your ads will be or remain approved.

Take a look at our best-sellers.

We exclusively design creatives and video- they're our specialty.
Our products do not include copywriting.

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Satisfaction guaranteed!

bananas are good for you! need to make a change after we've created your ad? all changes are free within 3 days of completion. we'll deliver the tweaks you want within 48 hours - at no additional cost!

It’s a simple 3-step process!

choose what you want
tell us about your goal and your brand
relax while we go bananas




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